These are the rules of the Amored Lizard Gaming Discord. By entering Discord you agree to follow these rules and the Gaming Code of Conduct. This is to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

Discord Rules of Conduct

1. Do not ping Tarshana (@ Tarshana). Do not ping other members. If you are in a current conversation with a person it should not be necessary to ping or quote someone. Many of us here prefer not to be spammed with the highlights and noise pop ups from Discord. If a message you have to respond to is more than 12 hours old you can ping, otherwise continue about your posting.

2. When joining the server please introduce yourself in the Load Order channel (ie tell us if you came from Bethesda, a website, etc). Failure to do so and participate after a reasonable amount of time will result in server removal. Everyone has access to the “Load Order Mod Help” and limited access to other channels. Channel privledges are given to those who participate regularly.

3. We respect everyone's right to privacy and encourage anonymity. We ask you to please not use real life avatars or give out personal information. You will be warned if you ignore this rule, and removed from the server if you ignore the warning.

4. Obscene content such as dead baby jokes, rape jokes, pornography, etc is strictly prohibited. We have a high tolerance for humor, but anything deemed obscene will result in a warning. Three warnings and you will be removed.

5. This is a safe haven for all walks of life! Everyone here is equal and to be treated with respect. Topics such as politics or religion can alienate others and be deemed disrespectful. Each person is accountable for their posts. Any form of harassment or threat towards others will result in server removal.

6. There is no promotion system. Roles are granted to specific individuals ‘as needed’.

7. Mod Authors are under no obligation to disclose their current projects or timelines for releases. If you have a Mod Request or a Bug Report, please use the appropriate links for submitting bug reports.

8. The Marauders are there to make sure these rules are respected. First line of server infractions falls to Doc and DeusZero. If that fails, unresolved disputes will be reviewed by Tarshana, oddlittleturtle or Vader for final arbitration.

9. Please download the Logical LO Spreadsheet. Take the time to read the “How to Guide” and “Section Definitions” tabs before reorganizing your Load Order (LO). We have also provided a YouTube Guide for your convenience. This will help speed up the process when we check your LO in the “Load Order Mod Help” channel.

10. It is strictly prohibited to use your position or role in this server to insult, mock or otherwise belittle members of other Skyrim / Fallout related servers. Slandering, shaming or baiting is something we do not tolerate here. By that same token, if it becomes apparent to us that you make use of messages or posts you read here to routinely insult, mock or otherwise belittle members of this server in other servers, you will be permanently banned. This includes posting screenshots of what is said in this server with a similar intent.

11. Due to past events, being fully verified - and therefore having access to the entirety of the server - may take some time. In order for that to happen you need to show you are willing to become an active member of the server by participating, hanging out on a fairly consistent basis and respecting the guidelines above. After a certain amount of time of doing so you will achieve a provisional verification. Stick around long enough and you will be granted full verification. Until you achieve any level of verification, you can hang out in general_chat for Skyrim and FO4, but you will be unable to read previous messages if you close them. Mod specific questions need to be in the LO channel only. General purpose conversations should be kept to general. Depending on level of participation, some verifications may take longer than others, but you are never forgotten. If you are here simply to seek help with your Load Order, more often than not verification will not be necessary but we will still try our best to help you with whatever Skyrim related doubts and questions you may have.

The Marauders and Mod Leader, oddlittleturtle, are designated as the ARG's ruling committee. As server leaders their rule is complete. Only Marauders are allowed to issue infractions. They are present to enforce the rules. The Marauders and only the Marauders can ever tell someone to shut down a conversation. If anyone has an issue with a current discussion, they can mute the channel in question and contact a Marauder if a server rule is broken and feel the need to press the issue. Once a Marauder is helping with an LO, no other person needs to interrupt. Messages not from the helping officer will be removed as we need to cut down on confusing chatter and too many cooks in the kitchen. Buccaneers are there to help when a Marauder is not available. You are not free to DM officers or jr officers for mod help. You will need to wait your turn in the LO channels. Any disparaging of members is prohibited and I don't care what their role is or how much of a friend they might think they are to me. I ask that you treat each other with respect and kindness. I will not tolerate personal attacks. While I have been fairly lenient in the past and have tried to quietly arbitrate I feel it is my duty to reiterate in the most public manner possible: don't be a dick to people. It's that simple.

You can now click the Discord Link if you are ready to join.