Dark Ages Castles

Magestic, Towering Fortresses

The Dark Ages Castles are an all encompassing overhaul to give stunning detail to the larger fortresses in Skyrim. Featured in an All in One pack and individual so that you, the player, can determine how much space is taken up in your current game. Explore these castles with spectaluar new details and beautiful, rich colours.

Winterhold College

Beautifully Magical

Winterhold Chantry Winterhold was destroyed in year 122 of the 4th era yet the College was saved. We can logically asume that the stones themselves would be unhindered by time and change and would still be as beautiful as the day it was created. Therefore the Dark Ages Winterhold texture pack features beautiful hewn stone with gorgeous windows and properly gilded doors. Walking through its hallways will leave you feeling as though you are in a truly magical place.

High Hrothgar

Throat of the World

High Hrothgar The Greybeards have staunchly kept their stone fortress in working order no matter how many shouts they've shouted. This pack features properly fitted meshes with stunningly detailed textures. Now when you feel the need to Fus someone, you'll do it in style.

Fort Dawngard

Vampires, beware.

Dawnguard Some wish they were heroes and then there's the Dawnguard. They have hunted the vampires since the second era and continue their fight against the nastiest disease to strike the Skyrim denizens. While the Fort starts out a little messy there's no reason for the stones to be in a terrible state. This pack cleans up the stones and provides proper UV wrapping for the meshes.

Castle Volkihar

From the night comes its hunters.

Castle Volkihar Vampires are well known for keeping up appearances. After all, what thrall wants to live in squalor? Therefore this pack aims to bring Castle Volkihar up to vampiric standards featuring beautiful stone, cleaner windows and proper UV wrapping for the meshes.

Sky Haven Temple

The Dragonguard Rise Again

Sky Haven Temple Although this temple was abandoned "thousands" of years ago, there's a reason it still stands. Therefore the textures contained therein seek to bring justice to the history of the Blades, the Dragonguard, and the people who forged this illustrious group by their blood and determination.