Dark Ages: Dragons
Beauty and Brutality

There is no credible story of how dragons came to be. According to dremora that the College of Whispers have "questioned," they just were, and are. Eternal, immortal, unchanging, and unyielding. They are not born or hatched. They do not mate or breed. There are no known examples of dragon eggs or dragonlings. While dragons are not born, they can die.

'There Be Dragons' by Torhal Bjorik

Immersive Dragon AI
Start Your Epic Battles

Dark Ages Dragons AI Overhaul seeks to add a bit of zest into the Dragons of Skyrim. There are several parts to this mod and the best part is you have control over the customising.

1. Vanilla dragons are already slightly tougher than than base game. Their damages were increased by 2% and defenses were given a 5% bonus and they have more abilities. You can determine how much extra damage dragons do and how much more their resistances are - this is done by reducing your effectiveness in battle and bolstering their natural defenses by a proper difficulty modifier (1.15 = 15% more damage done by dragons and 15% more resists/armour).

This was done to work with Fatality (or possibly other combat mods) that have dragon modifiers included and allow you to customise your experience. The increased difficulty is for when you level. (If you find a modifier is “stuck” or it seems dragons are way to difficult, set the modifier to 0 and wait a few seconds before setting your value again. The creation engine is old and it gets cranky sometimes and you have to give it a swift kick in the rear)

2. You can turn off and on random dragon attacks (read more below)

3. Dragons only attack every six days instead of every three (this helps performance)

4. Dragons have more than one level to them. You will find:

  - Fledgling
  - Blood
  - Mature
  - Elder
  - Ancient
  - Revered
  - Legendary

Sometimes you will see a Legendary pop into Skyrim, sometimes a Fledgling is found wandering areas. You never know what you're going to get because life is random. This is to increase your realism, immersion and fantasy all at once.

Each set of dragons have special shouts and abilities. Mature + can summon random cultists/followers to them, but Fledgling and Bloods have not mastered that call.

5. Dragons are unique. You will not always know if they are fire, frost or elemental dragons and they come in many different colours. Always be on your guard

Note: When turning off random dragon attacks, this utilises a special global that is also set by A Blade in the Dark. After starting the quest, please use your Dragon Power to unset that option. Once the quest is done, you can select the option again for the rest of the game.

Where to place in LO: NPC AI or Immersion is fine

You start with the dragon control ability in your power/shout menu.


This is a sample gallery of some of the dragons you might encounter


Mod Name Overwrite Info
ERSO Not with the AI. Pick 1 dragon overhaul at a time
Splendor No. This module already edits the dragon colour options.
Dragon Spell Mods No. Mods that touch the dragon spells, shouts or abilities will not work
Fatality + Other Combat Mods Yes as long as they don't touch the aforementioned abilities. Modifiers are built at your discretion
Paarthunax Dilemma Yes
Divine Cities or Villages Yes
Beasts of Tamriel Yes


Bellyaches was used as a base. Further improvement done via Photshop + Quixel

Dramatic Alduin by lightningo