Divine Overhauls

To Seek Beauty

The Divine Series was the first series I started to brand for console. From people to cities the Divine Series seeks to improve Skyrim by bringing out the beauty to be found in this rugged, cold region of Tamriel. This is a fantasy game and as such we should be willing to steep ourselves into the mystery of it all, reveling in beautiful sunsets and galloping on beautiful horses. Go on, be divine!

Divine Cities

Premier City Overhaul

Divine Cities Divine Cities was created with the intention of breathing new life into Skyrim. It adds more NPCs, homes, shops, and decorated items to showcase each region where you are at. There are travelling merchants, followers, outhouses, interactive player homes that are multi-adoption friendly and more! (PS- It doesn't include city textures, stop asking!)

Divine Cities: Villages

Premier Village Addon

Divine Villages This module was created for Divine Cities with the intent of adding new locations to explore, more housing, more quests, more dungeons... more of everything. With beautiful villages scattered throughout Skyrim, you're sure to find a new friend... or foe. With thousands of hours to explore and hidden secrets, it's no wonder this module is so popular.

Divine People Overhaul

Realistic, Immersive, Lore Friendly, Beautiful

Divine People Divine People Overhaul is the most extensive NPC overhaul available. There are a total of four versions to chose from and two feature the Imperious: Races of Skyrim mod included for ease of use. There are over one million PC choices at character creation and bonus? Children look like children without the use of adult assets. They're more adorable and more realistic.

Divine Skins

All Races, All Genders

Divine Skins The Divine Skins texture pack creates realistic skin for the PC and NPCs. With proper makeup overlays you'll not wake up look like yesterday's raccoon. Men are handsome and strong, women are alluring and athletic and there are no neck, wrist or face seams. Skyrim, eat your heart out.

Divine Atmosphere: Aetherius

More than a weather overhaul, it's an experience

Divine Atmosphere From the glorious auroras to the realistic fractal snowflakes and the realistic waters, Divine Atmosphere: Aetherius adds more than just a simple weather overhaul to your staple mod list. DA:A was created just for console users. That means rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality possible. Even 1-X users are able to use this mod with ease.

Divine Interiors: Shadows and Light

For without darkness we have no light.

Divine Interiors This module was created especially for console users to take up the least amount of space while offering beautiful interiors. Hand-made meshes created smoke for candles so that quality and immersion was ensured without the sacrifice of performance. Enjoy interiors that change from night to day and day to night, dungeons that are darker, caves that are murkier and nights that are so stunning you'll want to stare at the stars.

Divine Enhanced Alchemy

Be Your Own Chemist

Divine Alchemy DEA offers the most comprehensive and in-depth alchemy system for console. Rather than getting lucky with just four ingredients, you'll mix your beneficial potions separately from your poisons adding on a new depth to immersion. Bonus: Alchemy bottles are retextured, vanilla and crafted are affected so you can always enjoy beautiful textures.

Divine Textures

Architecture and Trees

Divine Creatures The Divine Texture Pack for Architecture and Trees gives Skyrim a vanilla facelift. Featuring individual packs for the holds along with a separate tree pack to make your trees more fluffy!

Divine Creatures

Dragons and dogs and sabrecats, oh my!

Divine Creatures The Divine Creature series features modules such as Divine Canines, Prismatic Insects, Realistic Horse Breeds and Divine Dragons. These texture overhauls are sure to add a beautiful layer of immersion into your game.