Divine Alchemy

Where Magic Meets Science

Alchemy is no longer stagant. Taking from real world applications, you will be able to mix your concotions and brew your poisons in a streamlined, logical manner with new tools, new recipes and an immersive way of creating compounds, mixtures, tonics, elixirs, poisons, potions and more. With actual alchemical tools at your disposal you'll feel like a true alchemist in no time.


  Welcome to the Skyrim Apothecary Society. The Society has spent years researching these special alchemical ingredients and are now ready to pass the knowledge along. Alora at the Alchemist's Hut in the Rift can help get you started, or you can craft yourself the Apothecary Badge and equipment at the forge yourself. Benficial and detrimental ingredients are handled with different tools and then mixed separately. You must prepare your compounds first! Once your compounds are prepared you can then cook your mixtures into the appropriate poition, elixir, tonic, or other.

  As you gain more knowledge you will be able to create your own research notes to unlock more potent conconctions from your compounds. The Crucible, Flask, Alembic, Retort, Mortal and Pestle, Arcane Augmenter and Arcane Tuner are easy to travel with and will help you find your true potential as a chemist.

Tools of the Trade

The Crucible turns raw materials in detrimental reagents such as
Calomel, Sulfur, Gypsum, Lead, Aqua Tofani and Nitre.

The Flask turns reagents into concentrated poisons.
These potions are powerful and require expert care.

The Alembic turns raw materials into beneficial reagents such as
Aes Cyprium, Aqua Ardens, Calamine, and Vita.

The Retort turns reagents into concentrated potions.
Some potions can have up to four unique combinations of benefits.

The Mortar and Pestle reduces minerals to reagent powders and teaches you
new recipes and is the key to your Research Notes.

Arcane Augmenter Creates Ink from Jazbay Grapes and Paper From Ruined Tomes.

Arcane Tuner Turns bones and scrolls into Mythril and Etheral Dust.

Research Notes

Hobbyist: Alchemy 20 – You’ve begun to dabble in the art of alchemy. Your concoctions are simple, but useful. (opens up the potion and poison system)

Harvester: Alchemy 20 – My, isn’t your thumb green! You can now harvest up to three ingredients at a time.

Professional: Alchemy 40 – You are an experienced alchemical professional. Customers can rely on the purity and efficacy of your mixtures. You’ve begun to experiment with improvements to established formulas. (opens up new recipes)

Scholar: Alchemy 60 – Long years of study have given you a deeper understanding of the alchemical art. (opens up new recipes)

Potion Master: Alchemy 80 – You have reached an understanding of alchemy matched by few. Students seek you out to benefit from your mentorship. Still, you sense there are deeper mysteries which elude you. (opens up more recipes )

Grandmaster: Alchemy 100- You are a master magician, magical theoretician, creator of wonders unseen–and, in your scant free time, a humble student of the art of alchemy. (Opens new level potions)

Transmuter I: Alchemy 45 – Toiling and experimenting have granted you the wisdom of transmutation (allows for the transmutations of ores into ingots and gems into flawless gems)

Transmuter II: Alchemy 65 – Even greater knowledge wells into you. You have gained the wisdom of being able to transmute soul gems.

Experimenter I: Alchemy 50 – Repetition, precision, documentation–that is your mantra. Long days in the lab and late nights tabulating your experimental results have paid off. In fact, you can now create synthetic versions of some reagents. (Opens new level potions and poisons)

Experimenter II: Alchemy 70 - Extensive testing and exhaustive cross-referencing has expanded your knowledge of advanced syntheses. (Opens new level potions and poisons)

Malefactor: Alchemy 30 – A corruption of the healing arts, your knowledge of alchemy has been turned to destroying the body, instead of healing it. (New poison recipes)

Dark Potions: Alchemy 60 - Secret experiments have revealed more potent harmful formulas. (Opens up more poison recipes)

Medicinal Alchemy: Alchemy 20 - You have learned more potent formulas to heal the body, mind, and spirit (Opens up new recipes.)

Theoretician: Alchemy 30 – You’ve learned more advanced formulas with synergistic effects. (More tiered potions are open)

Gnosis: Alchemy 100 - Your understanding of alchemy transcends the material. Matter, energy, Mundus, Aetherius–all are one and one is all. (You can learn the remaining recipes)


Arcane Augmenter

Alchemy Value – 40
Soul Gem Lesser – Requires 3 Petty Filled Soul Gems
Soul Gem Lesser Filled – Requires 5 Lesser Soul Gems

Alchemy Value – 60 Has Perk Transmuter II
Soul Gem Common – Requires 3 Lesser Filled Soul Gems
Soul Gem Common Filled – Requires 5 Common Soul Gems

Alchemy Value – 70 Has Perk Transmuter II
Soul Gem Greater – Requires 3 Common Filled Soul Gems
Soul Gem Greater Filled – Requires 5 Greater Soul Gems

Alchemy Value – 80 Has Perk Transmuter II and Enchanting Level 60
Soul Gem Grand – Requires 3 Greater Filled Soul Gems
Soul Gem Grand Filled – Requires 5 Grand Soul Gems

Arcane Tuner

Mythril Dust is used to transmute ingots and gemstones, found while mining ores, smashed from bones or crushing Dwemer scrap metals
Ethereal Dust is used for soul gems and is created from magic scrolls (non-vanilla magic scrolls not included)

Research Note Recipes

As you grow in knowledge more research notes will open up.

Harvester – Ink and Paper
Hobbyist Note – Ink and Paper with Corundum Powder
Professional Note – Ink and Paper with Iron Fillings
Scholar Note – Ink and Paper with Fine Salt
Potion Master Note – Ink and Paper with Quicksilver Powder
Grandmaster Note – Ink and Paper with Powdered Mammoth Tusk
Transmuter I Note – Ink and Paper with Iron Fillings
Transmuter II Note – Ink and Paper with Quicksilver Powder
Experimenter I Note – Ink and Paper with Iron Filings
Experimenter II Note – Ink and Paper with Fine Salt
Malefactor Note – Ink and Paper with Fine Salt
Dark Potions Note - Ink and Paper with Powdered Mammoth Tusk
Medicinal Alchemy Note – Ink and Paper with Iron Fillings
Theoretician Note – Ink and Paper with Quicksilver Powder
Gnosis Note – Ink and Paper with Quicksilver Powder and Fine Salt

Alembic Recipes

Aes Cyprium can be made from common alchemical ingredients such as Snowberries, Bonemeal, Thistles, Elves Ears, Hawk Beaks, Moon Sugar, etc. Aes Cyprium is used for beneficial and protection potions.

Anima can be made from restorative ingredients such as Sabre Cat Eyeballs and Blue Mountain Flowers. Anima is used in restorative and guardian potions.

Aqua Ardens can be made from Garlic, Juniper Berries, Nordic Barnacles, Luna Moths, Vampire Dusts and Fortify Healing Rate Potions. Aqua Ardens is used for stimulating concoctions.

Aqua Vitae can be made from Garlic, Jazbay Grapes, Dwarven Oil, Taproot, Fire Salts, Moon Sugar and is used for invigorating potions such as Regenerate Magicka

Aranum Corallinum can be made from Spiky Grass, Lavendar, Luna Moths, Mountain Blue Flowers, Bone Meal, Hagraven Feathers and is used for fortifying elixirs and potions.

Bismuth can be made from Tundra Cotton, Monarch Butterfly Wings, Dragons Tongue, Hagraven Feathers, Creep Clusters, Wisp Wrappings, Scaly Pholiota, Hawk Beaks, Giant Toes and is used for enhancement potions.

Calamine can be made from Bees, Mora Tapinella, Skooma and mushrooms and is used for regenerative potions.

Chalcanthum is made from Tundra Cotton, Pearls, Honey Comb, Slaughterfish Scales, Briar Hearts, Thistles and Sabre Teeth and is used for enhancements and protection.

Chridittes Resin can be made from Jazbay Grapes, Red Mountain Flowers, Tundra Cotton, Ectoplasm and Void Salts and is used for bolstering potions.

Lunar Caustic can be made from Snowberries, Spriggan Sap, Hagraven Claws, Sabre Cat Teeth and Glowing Mushrooms and is used for fortifying your crafting techniques and other useful elixirs.

Mana is made from Spiky Grass, Human Flesh, Briar Hearts, Dwarven Oil, Moon Sugar and Frost Salts and is use for Restoring Magicka and protection.

Oil of Antimony is made from Falmer Ears, Spider Eggs, Blue Dragonfly Wings, Nordic Barnacles and Slaughterfish Eggs and is a favourite amongst thieves and brawlers.

Oil of Turpentine is made from Large Antlers, Fireflies, Lavender, Garlic and is used for Beneficial Potions such as Fortify Stamina

Opium is made from Bear Claws, Blue Mountain Flowers, Wheat, Giant toes and Glowing Mushrooms and is used for beneficial potions such as Fortify Health

Penicillium is made from Hawk Feathers, Mudcrab Chitin or Vampire Dust and can be used in Curative Potions

Potassium can be made from Juniper Berries, Canis Root, Elves Ear, Hanging Moss, Bear Claws, Small Pearls and is used in fortifying potions such as Fortify Marksman or One Handed Weapons

Sal Volatile is made from Nirnroots, Vampire Dust, Nordic Barnacles and is used in utility potions such as water breathing or invisibility.

Vita is made from Orange Dragonfly Wings, Powdered Mammoth Tusks, Sabre Cat Eyeballs, and Pearls and is used for restorative potions such as Restore Stamina

Crucible Recipes

All poisons created with the Crucible can damage Stamina, Health, Magicka, cause Frenzy or even Paralysis. Be careful when handling these substances. Only partial ingredients are shown here- the rest must be found on your own

Aqua Tofani is made from Daedra Hearts, Blue Dragonfly Wings, Canis Root and Human Flesh

Arsenic is made from Giant Lichens, Jazbay Grapes and Sabre Cat Eyeballs

Calomel is made from Human Hearts, Skeever Tails and Small Antlers

Chalcanthum is made from Wheat, Hagraven Claws or small Damage Magicka Posions

Corrosive Sublimate is made from Small Antlers, Monarch Wings and Nightshades

Gyspum is made from Spider Eggs, Spriggan Sap and Nightshades

Ichor is made from Frost Mirriam, Juniper Berries, Large Antlers and Skeever Tails

Lead is made from Bone Meal, Spider Eggs, Nirnroots and Giants Toes

Mercury is made from Red Mountain Flowers, Orange Dragonfly Wings, Lavender and Spiky Grass

Nitre is made from Fire Salts, Ice Wraith Teeth, Fireflies, Dwarven Oil and Taproot

Nitrum Flammans is made from Bees, Orange Dragonfly Wings, Slaughterfish Scales and Eggs and Mora Tapinella

Sal Volatile is made from Salt Piles and Deathbells

Sulfur is made from Luna Moth Wings, Nordic Barnacles, Chaurus Eggs and Glow Dust

Charcoal is made from Firewood

Retort Recipes

Defiance Potions – Start with Nitrum Flammans, Spiritus Vini and Aes Cyprium

Barbarian, Ranger, Solidier and Bezerker Potions Start with Potassium and Chalcanthum

Stimulant Potions – Start with Aqua Ardens and Aqua Vitae

Waterbreathing Potion – Start with Sal Volatile

Restorative Potions - Use Anima, Mana and Vita

Burglar Potions – Start with Oil of Antimony and Spiritus Vini

Tradesman Potions – Start with Bismuth

Sorcerer Potions – Start with Mana and Arcanum Corallinum

Cure Potions – Start with Penicillium

Monk Potions – Start with Aqua Tofani, Arcanum Corallinum and Chalcanthum

Flask Recipes

Flask recipes are dangerous! Handle with extreme care. Due to the nature of poisons only a few recipes are listed.

Burning Blood Poison – Start with Sulfur and Oil of Turpentine

Frostbite Poison – Start with Nitre and Oil of Vitriol

Hush Poison – Start with Cyprium, Opium and Spiritus Vini

Cripple – Start with Frostbite Venom and Corrosive Sublimate

Damage Health Poisons – Start with Calomel

Damage Stamina Poisons – Start with Sulfur

Damage Magicka Poisons – Start with Lead

The rest are for you to discover…



Compatible with all other mods because the system used does not touch vanilla potions. This module is placed into Single Area Edits in your LLO


Original mod idea by: Quantum Butterfly
Further testing and refinement: Doc and Tarshana (but mostly Doc)