Divine Creatures

Beautiful and Deadly Creatures

The Divine Creatures series seeks to enhance vanilla texture packs with more realism and highly quality. From dragons to dogs, horses to goats, you'll enjoy a wide variety of lore friendly textures that make your Skyrim a visually stunning experience.



Dragons have landed in Skyrim and it's up to the Dragonborn to deal with this deadly incursion. Featuring texture sets from BellyAches, this simple texture overhaul packs a visual punch to the deadly enemy of mortals.

Divine Canines

And Wolves

Canines are a part of Skyrim life from the city dogs to the wolf packs in the wild. Divine Canines updates dogs and wolves and has 3 special animal followers. Divine Wolves also does that but without the animal companions. Huskies included.

Realistic Horse Breeds

by Kritta Kitty

Horses are now properly of the northern stock with fluffy tails and wind brushed manes. Each hold has a unique colour pattern, both Frost and Shadowmere included.

Prismatic Insects

by Tarshana

I love insects. They are a vibrant part of our lives and deserve to be retextured as much as the big animals. Featuring new insect breeds and proper etymological names, you're sure to enjoy your forest walks.


Only use one texture set at a time for the creatures

Divine Wolves and Divine Canines have patches for KYE which you can find on their resepctive mod pages.