Divine People

Logical and Beautiful

The Divine People Overhaul seeks to improve the facial features of NPCs. It does not add any face or body textures so you are free to use whichever one you want. You’ll notice in vanilla Skyrim that NPCs have mismatched noses, wrongly proportioned eyes and foreheads, and garish makeup. DPOS seeks to correct this imbalance while staying true to the original faces. As part of the populace, the PC also has over 1 million character choice combinations at creation.


DPOS falls under the Race/NPC edits of the Logical Load Order. Because NPC overhauls also touch race data I have included Imperious into two of the five versions of DPOS. THIS MOD DOES NOT CONTAIN BODY MESHES OR TEXTURES. I have also included my own Racial overhaul, Etherium, so that people have even more options to pick from.

Comes in 5 Versions for Optimal Choices. These choices include the core functions of the mod, such as new player presets, colours, npc edits, but change only Racial Passives and Hair Options:

DPOS Suzy (Original) This is the original version of DPOS with no racial passive edits.

DPOS Suzy Lite (Original Lite) This is the original version of DPOS as listed above with no added hairs

DPOS Etherium - Has new racial passives, a different variety of hair and extra dirt/paint options to set it apart from the other versions.

DPOS Celestial - Includes Imperious

DPOS Celestial Lite - Has Imperious but no NPCs with modded hair. This is to help X players with their crashing

Below I go into more detail. It's not a long read and will help you understand just how unique DPOS truly is.


  • + Lore friendly versions of race details
  • + All female races have their proper voice set
  • + 300 NPCs re-designed for XBox1 users. These edits include adjusting the jaw, nose, make up choices, etc
  • + Children look like children - with unique faces and hair - and resemble their parents where applicable
  • + NPCs are Divinely Dressed. This means their outfits will change appropriately.
  • + NPCs are Divinely Directed. This means they have appopriately updated packages and behaviours
  • + Followers and Housecarls are more useful, providing better combat AI, stat weights, perks and abilities
  • + Most followers will ignore you killing/thieving. The exceptions would be followers like Mjoll who hate the Thieves Guild
  • + Merchants that aren't required to be essential are set to protected. This means you can kill them if you wanted to, but they can't die by other attacks
  • + Vendors have had their gold increased without editing their loot tables
  • + 60+ Lore friendly hairs for Celestial + Suzy (Original).
  • +40+ Immersive Lore Friendly hairs for Etherium
  • + Celestial Lite has PC only hairs and Suzy (Orginal) Lite has No Extra Hairs.
  • + Vanilla hair retexture
  • + Breton females have 3 Forsworn hair options
  • + Bosmer have horn options as its part of their lore to have them
  • + Beards! Who doesn’t love a good beard :) You have some more options, even for Khajiit!
  • + All new female and male brows. These brows take away the wild bushy look so they aren’t so wrong looking
  • + Proper lore “sizes” so your heights don’t need to be adjusted for "immersion".
  • + New hair colours! Amazing new hair colours for you to enjoy
  • + New make up colours
  • + All warpaints unlocked
  • + Unless needed to die for a quest, merchant NPCs are kept safe. For follower safety please download Immersive Follower Framework
  • + New freckles for men and women
  • + Argonians now have real skin tones! Enjoy amazing new colours to mix and match and the female Argonians have more feather options
  • + Khajiit now have new fur colours! Mmm fuzzy
  • + All Mer-folk have human skin tones unlocked
  • + USSEP dependant so you don’t have to worry about bugged people!
  • + NO BODY MESHES OR SKIN TEXTURES ARE INCLUDED. PICK ONE YOU WANT. Divine Skins and Bodies is recommended, but you may use whatever skin you want


With so many character creation combinations, this gallery showcases only a fraction of what Divine People has to offer. I hope this gallery sample helps you see just how powerful this modudle really is for character creation and improved NPCs.

Character Creation

PresetSamples There are over 1 million character combinations to pick! With character creation you will find a lot of inventive ways to customise yourself. "Beard" parts for men, Breton and Bosmeri females have unique options for adjustment. Khajiit eyebrows contain extra earring options. Please remember that these options are generally for wearing no helm. If you choose to have several earrings, they will hover over a helm because the game thinks they are eyebrow rings. These options were intended to help create a signature look regardless of helm and there is an engine limitation for console users.

Makeup colours range from the standard into the gradient. The gradient colours are meant to help pick shades that can be worn between light and dark skin options. I find it unimmersive to not be able to pick shades that work with all skin tones, so you'll find roughly 80 eye, lip and cheek colours to pick from. It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but just remember that some options are meant for different skin tones.


Etherium takes everything I've learned about character creation and crafts a new mod born of inspiration and the Elder Scrolls univere. This version includes a different set of hairstyles and combines it with lore friendly, immersive, realistic (insert catchprase) racial passives which are pulled directly from the Elder Scrolls series and delivered directly to you. Each set of passives was fine tuned to bring something new to the table without mod bloat or making it impossible to balance the core races, their identities, perks, enchants, magics and so forth. These racial passives will not be made into a standalone, it will not be available for PC.

Introduction to Etherium

Racial passives are nice bonuses, but as I've always said: Pick the character not the race. These passives are meant to fit directly into their historical-given racial identity as stated throughout the Elder Scrolls lore, books and games. In Skyrim you have a plethora of ways to build your character, but the racial passives should not be something impossible to balance, overpowered or underwhelming. Besides the racial bonuses, there are also birth signs to pick, perk skills, enchants, etc, so when you choose a character with Etherium it's about picking the character, not the race. My goal is to give interesting choices for a race so that people don't feel they're "missing out" when picking one race over the other.

For instance: Orsimer are granted an affinity for two handed weapons that other races won't have access to unless they go deep into the 2-hand skill line. This means early game play can actually center around two handed weapons rather than needing a shield. This bonus is small and will not take the place of having perk points! By offering racial passives as a *whole* and not the *main* part, your character will thrive in Skyrim.

Note: Mundus, or Mundus Stones, are the official term for “Standing Stones”. They are also called “Birth Signs” in prior games but have no actual tie to a person's birthdate.



The Altmer hail from Summerset where they have honed their magical talent for several millennia. Their natural affinity for the elements allows them to weave destruction spells in a most devastating manner. Their attunement to magicka allows them to draw deeper into the pools for alonger period of time compared to other races.

Highborn: Regenerate magicka 2x as quickly as any other race
Syrabane's Blessing: Increases magicka by 50/75/100. at level 1, 25 and 50
Arcane Studies: Destruction spells are 15% more potent

Logic & Lore: The Altmer are the premier heavy caster class. This has always been their part of the Elder Scrolls lore and as such I felt it prudent to keep their magicka regeneration ability constant rather than activated. While 2% seems small, it ends up being greater over time rather than a once a day power. It's effective and, again, part of their actual lore. They also have always had a natural affinity to the elements in destruction magic and therefore given a boost to destruction only. If we were to give them a boost to the other schools it would: 1. Provide less meaningingful spell choices and 2. be difficult to balance the game overall due to the way modifiers work for the other magic classes. In this way we have a clearly defined race, driven by their historical lore and cleanly balanced.



The People of the Root have an innate tie to the Hist, a special tree species that grows in the Black Marsh. The Hist provides natural protection for the Argonian people that is symbiotic and literal. While the early Argonians had a fear of Sithis, modern Argonians also realise the potential of renewal within Sithis because one cannot have creation without destruction. Usually thought to be a patron of the Dark Brotherhood, the Argonians have praised and revered him for several millennia.

Histskin: Resist diseases by 50% and improves health regen by 2/4/6% at level 1, 25 and 50 (cannot be affected by mods that reduce health recovery)
Waterkin: Move quickly in water and provides water breathing
Sithis's Legacy : increase poison damage with poison creation

Logic & Lore: The Argonians are an extremely resourceful race given that their entire existence has been in the swamps of Tamriel. Their protection is granted by a very specific connection to their trees, or Hist. While other races might have been wiped out by the diseases and dangers of the swamps, Argonians thrived. Their worship of Sithis has grown and evolved over time finding a symbiotic relationship with him and as such should be provided in a clear cut manner for Skyrim. Rather than give a single poison spell, it would be more impactful to grant them a way to devise more deadly poisons.



The Bosmer are a curious people with an affinity for nature that extends into their natural being. More at home in trees than on the ground, the Bosmer are a nimble people who are thought to have created the first bows used by man and mer. Their Green Pact allows them to consume animal flesh without worry. They also have a natural affinity for making pacts with animals and using them as allies.

Y'ffre's Hand: Increases damage with bows by 2/4/6% at levels 1/25/50
Hunter's Eye: Able to detect life in the forests when activated
Green Pact: Raw foods provide double benefit compared to other races, 50% resistance to diseases and poisons
Animal Companion: pick an animal companion to fight by your side: Bear or Wolf. Bears have low damage but high health output and can help taunt targets to fight them instead of their Bosmeri handler. Wolves have lower health but attack for more. Their lifeforce is tied to the Bosmeri and will only die when they die. However, when at low health, will stop fighting to recuperate.

Logic & Lore: The Bosmer are an unlikely form of "elf" in any game. Cannibalistic and ritualistic, they take savagery to a whole new level. Their existence is based entirely in nature and as such have little use for normal mer or human conventions. Cannibalism is not part of the Green Pact and instead this provides a bonus to the Bosmeri who adhere to it- so raw meats provide double the nourishment compared to other races and of course an innate disease and poisons resistance so the food can't kill you. As the origins of the bow are said to be of the Bosmer people, it's only fitting they do extra damage. And of course, why would we only have a random animal to command for sixty seconds? It's not entirely useful. Instead you are given a companion who does half the damage of wild animals, but levels with you and stays with you the entire game. This check and balance provides a more meaningful story for your character and adheres to lore. The bear and wolf can be told to stay in a location, wait, or be dismissed and recalled as you see fit.



The Bretons are direct descendants of the Nedes and as such are granted with a resistance to magic. This affinity also grants them the ability to use magicka efficiently, requiring less magicka to get the job done. With their affinity to the constellations, Mundus Stones grant them an increased in learning the magic of Nirn.

Maganum: Increases spell learning by 10% when a Mundus Stone is active
Nedes' Ancestry: 25% magic resistance
Magicka Mastery: Reduces the magicka cost of all spells by 4/7/10% at levels 1, 25 and 50

Logic & Lore: One of the coolest aspects of being a Breton is not only are you talented with magicka, but you have an innate resistance to it due to your ancestry. There's no reason for this not to be part of the Breton race but let's take it a step further- to have an affinity against magicka would logically mean you understand its nuances and therefore could use less of it for the same spells cast by others. Their efficiency makes them extremely resourceful in the type of mage they want to be. This makes them a jack of all trades type of mage who doesn't have to specialise in just 1 type of magic school, instead they get more options which is on par with their history. We also have to remember that the Bretons were the first to really tie constellations into modern society. No other race has quite the knowledge and understanding that the Bretons do and therefore they are able to unlock a deeper sense of magicka knowledge when they use a Mundus stone.



The Dunmer are one of the most complex Mer races in all of Tamriel. Although unified in their protection under Vivec, they have their own Houses to which they are attuned. The different Houses represent the different parts of Dunmeri life and each Dunmer has their own House. They can also choose, of course, not to be part of any house.

Vivec's Protection: Fire resistance improved by 50%
Dumeri Ancestor: Call upon an Ancestor to fight with you in combat. Usable once a day
Houses of Morrowind: the Dunmer may pick 1 House to belong to and be granted their boon

House Hlaalu: 3/6/10% increase to barter at levels 1, 25 and 50. Increase of alchemy skills by 10
House Redoran: Increase block by 10 and 1handed weapons by 2/4/6% at levels 1, 25, 50
House Telvanni: Increase magicka regen by 2/4/6% at levels 1, 25, 50. Increase enchanting skills by 10
Ashlander: 2/4/6% increased damage to 2handed weapons and max stamina by 20/40/80 at levels 1, 25 and 50

Logic & Lore: I wanted to provide the Dunmer player with actual choices for their given House. It was imperative that this part of their culture was woven into Skyrim because there's not one Dunmer who would have forgotten it. Hell, there's a Hlaalu farm in Skyrim after all. By picking a house you also pick what they taught you which grants a nice boon to the player for their choice which aligns with the House’s chosen path in life. It makes sense and it's rooted in lore. And logic. We should always have both. In order for NPCs not to be sidelined by the player choices, all non-PC Dunmeri are given a 3% weapon damage boost, better block and a slight boost in magicka pools. This streamlines the process so that Dunmeri NPCs are on par with the player.



The Imperial people have always fought for a more unified continent. Due to their diplomatic sense and eagerness to unify the people of Tamriel, they have sought equal learning in all matters of life and provide a more well rounded education for the people. They're quick with their wit and their lineage provides them a hardy constitution.

Diplomat: Educated: increases learning in all skills by 3, 6, 10% at level 1, 25 and 50 and Silver Tongue: provides a speech bonus of 10 points
Imperial Mettle: Increases max health by 20/40/60 at levels 1, 25, and 50
Colovian Culture: increases the chance of finding extra gold where others fail to look

Logic & Lore: One only has to have played any Elder Scrolls game to realise the Imperials have a natural talent for unifying people. In the 2nd era their culture was almost lost to Malog Bal and they were flung to the four corners of Tamriel to regroup and retake their capital city. As such, they are a more well rounded people with a far reaching education instead of singular specialisation. The Imperial can excel in any given profession if they work hard enough and as such, were given boosts in learning so that any chosen player path would be normalised against races who have specialisations. Due to their historical presence in Skyrim being of a fighting stock, a bonus was granted to their health (which is also found in other ES games) and I find their manner of penny pinching to top off their very nature of being culturally wealthy. The cherry on top was to increase their innate Speech skills by 10 points to add to their diplomatic ties.



The Khajiit people are the oldest race in all of known Tamriel and can trace their lineage back to Masser where they built great statues honouring the moon. Their ties to the moon grant them not only their furstock, but also protection and bonuses to their unarmed martial skills. Cunning and quick, the Khajiiti are also known to be some of the best cutpurses in all the lands.

Feline Ferocity: One handed skill bonus starts at 10 (instead of 5)
Claws of Jone: Increases unarmed damage by 4% and allows for unarmed damage resistance (Khajiits will have a 4/6/8% damage reduction when wearing no weapons at levels 1, 25 and 50)
(You will only see this ability when your fists are out. Holding a weapon or relaxing won't show this at all. This is due to the engine functions and does not affect gameplay)
Shield of Jode: reduce detection radius by 15%
Cunning: increases pickpocket chance by 5/7/9% at level 1, 25 and 50
Eyes of the Moon: ability to see in the dark

Logic & Lore: The Khajiit are far too misunderstood a people but more importantly, they are a beast race. As such I felt their unarmed damages needed to scale as they level and become more proficient. Because we don't have a true unarmed block, dodge or roll in the game, they have a defensive bonus as they level up so that players can be an actual lore-driven unarmed Khajiit player. This isn't to say you will find it easy, but it should be more probable that you could help bring down a dragon with your sharpened claws. After all, you *are* the Dragonborn. How is this not OP? These two bonuses only attach if the Khajiit player has no weapons drawn. By placing unarmed as a duo modifier which only affects no weapons drawn it means that the two bonuses are only active with specific conditions. Therefore, having them combined as they are does not make them OP as these bonuses will not happen when/if the player uses weapons.

With that we also must remember that the Khajiit people have always been quiet and quick on their feet and so their ties to the moon were also woven into their passives. Ferocity is because the Khajiit have so many unique bonuses already and I wanted to keep their nature intact (use of one handed weapons and their claws) and make sure they weren't completely sidelined for armed play; that also goes for the ability to see in the dark as well as a muffled reduction for their detection radius. By granting them little boons into their catlike nature, we can have a well rounded Khajiit that ties into their history without going overboard.



The Nord people have cleaved themselves to Skyrim's harsh winters and very rarely worry about frostbite. Highly skilled warriors, they pride themselves on honourable combat. Being a loud and generally boisterous bunch, it's no wonder their war cries can help bolster their forces, providing a turning point in the tides of battle.

Rugged: Increases stamina regen by 2/4/6% at levels 1, 25 and 50
Stalwart: Increases all weapon damage by 2/4/6% at levels 1, 25 and 50
Shor’s Bones: Frost Resistance - increases frost resistance by 50%
Battle Cry: increase the damage output of you and your allies for 60 seconds, once a day

Logic & Lore: The Nord people are as independent as they are stubborn and have been known for their fighting prowess and tenacity through the ages. As such, their stamina regen and weapon damage should be equaled out considering they all start at a young age in combat training. These small boosts put them on equal footing with their ancestors who fought valiantly to preserve their homeland from costly invasions. Why Shor's Bones? It's a common saying amongst the Nords and it seems to fit that his bones, his lifeblood, would lend to the Nord's protection against the cold. War Cry was changed to increase a small boost to damages because I feel their historical nature of turning the tide of battle was mustering their reserves of strength rather than causing enemies to flee or other such things (I’m also annoyed when NPCs get stuck in walls).



The Orsimer have spent more time learning and honing their blacksmith skills than anyone could ever know. Their very first city was built on a vast network of forges providing the Orsimer with the best materials for crafting and tempering. Born of two paragons, Trinimac and Malacath, the Orsimer have always been tied to blood-thirsty battle, preferring two handed weapons over others. Their affinity for such weapons makes them well suited for frontline warfare.

Craftsman: Increases blacksmithing by 10 and increases their skill gain by 1%
Beserker: Provides increased defensive bonuses and increases critical strike with 2handed weapons by 2/4/6% at levels 1, 25 and 50
Beserker Rage : once a day call upon their chosen Orsimer Paragon

Orsimer Paragons

Boon of Malacath: fly into a blood rage that increases magic resistance by 75% and increase weapon damage output by 25%. lasts 60 seconds
Boon of Trinimac: fly into a blood fury ignoring all pain and damage. Cannot be killed while active. Lasts 60 seconds

Logic & Lore: Orcish blacksmithing is a Big Deal in Elder Scrolls. Throughout the series everyone talks about it and it should make sense that their racial passives reflect that. Most of the Orcish smiths would start training at an early age and it's very, very ingrained in their culture. Orc berserking is also highly well known only this time I added a twist to it: critical strike chance and hits. At the end of the day, the Oricish people prefer to get up in the face of their enemies and dish out as much pain as they can. Two handed weapons are a way of life so it only makes sense that during a fight they have little moments of rage (crits) in between regular swings. And being so versed in two handed weapons means they would understand how to parry and weapon block easier (both of which are difficult to program so there's a flat damage reduction in its place). And the real bread and butter? The Orsimer's Paragon: Malacath and Trinimac. While Malacath is far more well known (and alive), plenty of Orsimer still revere Trinimac and as such they are granted a choice for their activated beserker power. Note: NPCs come with the Boon of Malacath as a once daily shout power.



Hammerfell is a vast desert with oases scattered about and the Redguard people have developed a robust constitution for long periods of travel without much food or water. As natural born warriors, their use of weapons are not only finely tuned, but they are also perceptive of battle, able to quickly reposition themselves for a better defensive or offensive fighting stance.

The Warrior's Legacy: Take 50% less damage from backstabs and increase weapon swing speed by 2%
Martial Training: Reduces the stamina cost of shield bashing and power swings 2/4/6% at level 1, 25 and 50
Wayfarer: Increases weapon skills and increases the duration of food by 15 minutes (weapon stats are increased via the race data and not via a passive effect/buff- One handed starts at 15 instead of 10, two handed starts at 5 instead of 0 and block starts at 10 instead of 5)
Yokuda's Grace: 50% poison resistance

Logic & Lore: The people of the sands are not only a hardy bunch, they are also well versed in long periods of travel. Anyone who's ever travelled a lot knows that you have to make your food and water stretch further, hence the Wayfarer's passive. Plus I like the idea that travelling about would make for a well round warrior and Redguards are the epitome of warriorness. Because of their inborn talent with all things warrior I gave them a well rounded way of showing off their techniques. Backstabs are really only a problem with mods like Fatality and I felt that since my user-base is well versed in this, it would be a nice little addition.

But not all people use Fatality and I needed a second balancing measure (between using and not using Fatality) which is why Redguards have an increased weapon speed. Warriors are well known for understanding how to hold their blades effectively after all. I also wanted to bring this efficient use of skills into the reduction of stamina costs across the boards, so that means bashes and power swings will cost less stamina. I felt this was a much more lore friendly way of showing their healthy stamina reserves instead of a straight up "have a stamina boof" as that's not a clever use of resources, in my opinion. And I would never remove their poison resistance, but I did update the name to keep them in line with their Yokudan legacy.


by EnaiSiaion

Divine People All in One Celestial Variant includes the Imperious race mod for compatibility purposes. You should read the actual mod page for more information or quest help. I only combined it because it was asked for, but I've not actually used it myself. I felt keeping the information here was a disservice to the OMA and will instead direct you to his mod page again to gain the understanding for what Imperious does.


Incompatible Mods

Overwrite Information

More Hair Colour, Skin Colour or Makeup Colour Mods DPOS already includes more colours
Preset Mods DPOS already includes 20 unique presets for each race
Etheral Elven Overhaul Has never been compatible with other NPC overhauls. It's also stolen as the OMA didn't grant access to upload the mod directly, only access to use their files to build upon
Redesigned Male or Females It's weird I have to keep writing that other NPC overhauls aren't compatible but people still try and wonder why their games explode
Definitive Nothing definitive about it. Not to mention the wild edits and poorly managed facegen. Do I have to repeat again other NPC overhauls won't work?
Makeup "Kits" No such thing as a "kit" in the CK. It's just colours, DPOS already has extra colours
Other children overhauls - any Will not be compatible.
Any other NPC overhaul that contains catch phrase words that state: Overhauls men and/or women Seriously, can we stop trying to force NPC edits to constantly overwirte?
Blinking mods DPOS has blinking.
Female Fix Walk The description in DPOS already tells you it does that
Female Voices Already included
Serana Mods No, stop. Stop messing with her. People break their games at the start simply by trying to force her to act differently.
Immersive Citizens It's incompatible with itself. Do not use it.
AFT Is broken. Stop using it.
Special Edition Followers Mod is outdated, has almost no proper perk distribution system and the facegen doesn't match the overall look of DPOS. Suggested not to use.
Rich Merchant Mods Most have edits that causes fruity pebble faces. DPOS already grants merchants a bit of extra coin. Try Divine Cities's Waystations if you need extra locations to sell your items.
NPC AI Overhaul or otherwise stated DPOS, as stated before, manages packages and interactions. Other mods that attempt this generally have missing or mismanaged facegen and thus you would see "purple" faces. Please only use 1 NPC overhaul at a time.

Compatible Mods

Overwrite Information

Texture Packs I already told you about that! But if the texture pack includes an NPC edit then NO.
Character Creation Overhaul CCO will reset your player skill bonuses to 5 and then apply its changes afterwards. CCO assumes you want your own values so that's why it does it. See here: Picture 1 and here: Picture 2
Kaiden & Vanderol Followers Has various race edits in her mods, please place above DPOS or else everything gets overwritten and the NPCs behave wrong.
Teldryn Serious Place above DPOS to get the right facegen. Quest works as expected.
Andromeda or Aurora Standing Stones It's strange I get asked this. Both of those mods are just edits to the magic effects on the Mundus stones and have nothing to do with NPCs.
Fatality Yes.
Immersive Follower Framework Yes
Lucien He has an edit to a couple NPCs for part of his quests. Load his module ABOVE DPOS so that his quests work and the NPCs won't have fruity pebble faces.
Inigo Yes
Body Meshes and Textures Stop asking!! You have your answer.