Mod Using 101

Everything You Need to Know

Mods are not plug and play and I've dedicated three years to helping console players achieve their goals with beautiful, stable playthroughs. Even with the 1-X problems we've been able to find workarounds so that anyone can enjoy Skyrim no matter their console! Here you will find several documents to help you start down the path of being a mod user.

Logic Load Order
Console's First MA Generated Load Order

  "Wow. Console users are pampered! Not even PC users have something as powerful as the LLO document."
-- Megasaurus, PC User.

  Skyrim can be crashy on its own and has bugs that can make a sane person eat their own eyes, but luckily you have the Logical Load Order. With information from how to properly download and remove mods, you're also given a template to insert your mods into the right section and keep your overwrites to a minimum. You'll want a Discord handle so you can join us for real time updates and information on keep your game smoothly running.

Modding Terminology

Learn the basic vernacular and behind the scenes info

Not sure what "mesh" means? Curious about how textures are actually applied?
Come on in and learn the basics!

Load Order Services

Help when you need it

If you're a bit shy and would like a one on one LLO training service with Tarsh, you can request her services.
Learn how the process works.

Xbox 1-X Users

Extra help for the X

  The 4k "patch" destroyed mod using for 1-X users, but we have a few workarounds to help out. We have a full document with the technical issues, why it happens and how to help you find the right mods for your game. That said, if you have an S or an OG, use that for Skyrim and FO4. You'll thank yourself later.