The Marauders

There is no Tarsh without the Marauders. They have been a constant source of inspiration for me in a way that I could never fully express my gratitude. From testing to providing respite from long hours of modding, they have always been there. Their feedback and opinions have always provided the exact push I've needed to take my ideas further and to pursue my goals without hesitation. While the inside joke is that I'm ship's captain, it's not without a crew that I'm able to get this vessel going anywhere. I truly thank them from the bottom of my Irish heart. "So here's to the ship, to the friends we've met along the way, here's to tomorrow and every other day. Sláinte!"

Doc Alva

Divine Cities

If they call me the "Moddess" then Doc Alva is the Mod Queen. With a love of lore and years of experience with a wide variety of mods, it's no wonder I lean on her so much. She's been instrumental in the creation of the LLO spreadsheet, has consistently supported my ideas and taken them a step forward and has never been afraid to tell me her honest opinions or share ideas to make my mods better.

She grew up gaming in the days of Nintendo Power and cheat code hotlines, but took a 15-year break to work, get married, and earn a few degrees. Upon discovering Skyrim, she fell in love with gaming again and has never looked back.

I liked her instantly because she said to me "I don't like this" and I knew it was someone who would always be truthful about their intent. She's somewhere between a sister and mentor figure and I'm not sure what I did before I met her. (Ran around like a headless chicken, I'm sure).

Chris, The Meatball

Divine Cities

Our resident Meatball is a mouthful of weird guaranteed to take you to Flavor Country. He first played Skyrim LE on the PS3, and in spite of that, proceeded to buy an XB1 to play SE anyway. Found scratching at Tarsh Gaming’s door one snowy Winter’s night, he was let inside out of pity and only peed on the rug once ever since.

He specializes in falling asleep on the couch while testing mods, and typing very slowly with one thumb. His turn-ons include new armours and weapons, bed warming, and beheading the Thalmor.


Divine Cities

DZ has been at the forefront of 1-X testing for about two years now. He's extremely dilligent and hasn't once backed down when I started yelling at the CK for being bad.

He ended up on the team after having the great idea of waiting until the 4k patch came out to play Skyrim on his shiny new Xbox One X. Hours of crashing led him to hours of searching for help which led him to Doc's help with his LO on the forums which shuttled him to Discord. And then his other great idea was to offer Tarsh in helping her fix a house mod and get it to work properly on the X.

Now he is indentured to her forever. Them the breaks, Hoss.


Divine Cities

Kojo found himself in the middle of a much needed Fatality test and wound up knee deep in debugging until the wee hours. Originally an FO4 player, he quickly learned the ropes with Skyrim. He's been a team player, always willing to help in his spare time and has never shied away from some of the most grueling testing sessions.

I've found his thoughtfulness to be a source of inspiration and to try and remember to have more patience with myself (and the CK).


Divine Cities

They say Australians are just backwater Irish and that's because the Brits stole a bunch of my people and shoved them on an island. A hundred years or so, a few drop bears, some kangas and an opera house and we meet Matt. Matt burped really loud one day and woke Tarsh up from a nap. She yelled "Ya fecking dip!" and he responded, "something Strine here" and she knew she found another kindred spirit.

Just like Kojo he was originally an FO4 player and brings a lot of knowledge to the table with the insides of how Bethesda games work. In his spare time he helps oddlittleturtle with the FO4 LO's not to mention sharing ideas for a better Skyrim..


Divine Cities

There's no Fatality without Vader, end of story. When it comes to thinking about how to approach mods logically, Vader is forging the way. He's been my right hand in so many projects such as Divine Atmosphere: Aetherius and the Dark Ages series. He's not afraid to take that logic and apply it to abstract ideas, either. Methodical and thorough, he's also taught me the value of documentation. Most of which I forget to do.