Amulets of Skyrim

Beautiful and Practical Rewards

This mod adds over 230 new amulets (and a few rings) to Skyrim and gives these amulets to some named NPCs. Most of the amulets are placed at several locations and some amulets are sold by an Amulet merchant who is in the Ragged Flagon.


Note From Tarsh: I have copied over the Nexus information into mobile format for easy reading. Please click the link below and let the mod author know how much you appreciate their work.

– This mod doesn't change any quests, NPC's data, or Vendor's chest, and seems to be compatible with most other mods.
– Load Order should be into Interior Edits above Lighting Mods

Rings of Dragon Priest for the base game by testiger2
Thank you very much for the special rings!
Original Mod on Nexus

+ Dragon Priest masks can be converted to jewelry, after the player has obtained them, at the tanning rack.

+ Birthsign Amulets are bought in Riften

+ You can obtain left and right handed rings as you progress through the main quest. The Graybeards have a ring at Jurgen Windcaller's coffin and after defeating Alduin another two rings will appear in the High Hrothgar courtyard (where you were taught the clear skies shout)

:: Getting left-handed rings ::

This is the mod for amulets, but this mod has a few rings.

All rings have left-handed versions and the left-handed rings use the Biped Object slot 60. The left-handed rings don't show up in the first person view. Dragon priest rings, Ring of the Voice, Ring of Jurgen Windcaller and two Dragonborn rings are included.

You can craft left-handed rings from right-handed rings at a tanning rack. If you enchanted a Dragonborn ring or rRng of the Voice, the enchantment will be lost at crafting the other hand ring. Gold ring, Silver ring and Thalmor ring:

Buy the left-handed rings from the Amulet Trader in the Ragged Flagon or Madesi in Riften. Those rings' left-handed version can't be crafted.

Hold & Guard Amulets

Rewards from the Jarls

*After the player has been named Thane by their respective Jarl, the amulet reward will be handed to them without prompt. The only exception is the Rift by which a courier will greet the player.

*If the player has already become Thane before installing this mod, the courier will deliver the amulets.

*Jarl amulet and spare Thane amulet are in the jarl's bedroom. Guard amulet is in each barrack.

*The 9 hold gold amulet and silver amulet can be crafted after the player becomes Thane of each hold. Silver ingots or gold ingots are required for the recipe to appear in the menu.

*Fralia Gray-Mane in Whiterun and the amulets trader in the Ragged Flagon sell small necklaces.

:: Amulets for soldiers and officers ::

*Imperial or Stormcloak soldier's amulet will be given to the player when other soldier armors are given from the blacksmith in Solitude or from Galmar.

*Imperial or Stormcloak silver amulet can be crafted after the quest “Battle for Whiterun”. Silver ingots are required for the recipe to appear in the menu.

*The necklace “Hero of Skyrim” will be delivered by the courier after the Civil War.

*Thalmor soldier amulet and ring are somewhere in Thalmor Embassy and Northwatch keep.

Guild Amulets

Proudly Display Your Allegience

Amulets are found in the basement of Jorrvaskr, the Underforge, the college, Thieves Guild headquarters, Nightingale Hall, Falkreath Sanctuary, Dawnstar Sanctuary and NPC's inventories.

“Harbinger's Amulet” will be found together with Kodlak's journal during or after the quest “Glory of the Dead”.

“Archmage's Amulet” is in the Arch-Mage's quarters.

“Guild Master's Necklace” is in Mercer Frey's house or will be taken from Mercer's body.

“Nightingale Amulet” is in Nightingale Hall.

“Listener's Amulet” is in your bedroom of Dawnstar Sanctuary.

:: The Enchantments ::

*Harbinger's Amulet: During your blocking with Shield of Ysgramor, the Shield-Siblings near to you increase Magic Resistance by 20%. Blocking with Wuuthrad reduces elves' melee weapon damage by 20%.

*Listener's Amulet: Sneaking is 15% better. Improved night vision for casting. (Added a new spell by wearing the amulet. This spell uses the same effect of Khajiit's Night Eye.)

*Archmage's Amulet: Increases Elemental Resistance by 15% and Magic Resistance by 10%.

*Nightingale Amulet: Crouching stops combat for a moment and forces distant opponents to search for a target (it's similar to Shadow Warrior).

*Guild Master's Necklace: Sneaking is 10% faster and 15% better.

The non-enchanted leader's amulet can be crafted after each primary quest line completed. Silver ingots, gold ingots or steel ingots are required for the recipe to appear in the menu. The amulet recipe of Dark brotherhood requires human's skulls.


  • + Wabbajack Amulet: Near the bedroll in Pelagius Wing.
  • + Sanguine Rose Amulet: In Temple of Dibella (Markarth) after the quest (at the feet of Dibella statue near to the entrance).
  • + Ebony Blade Amulet: Near Ebony Blade in the basement in Dragonsreach.
  • + Ebony Mail Amulet: Converted from Ebony Mail at a forge.
  • + Ohgma Infinium Amulet: Take from Septimaus Signus's remains after he opened the cube.
  • + Azura Star Amulet: At Azura's Shrine after the quest.
  • + Black Star Amulet: In Nelacar's room after the quest.
  • + Dawnbreaker Amulet: At the Statue to Meridia after the quest.
  • + Skull Amulet of Vaermina: Beneath the iron ring pull in Nightcaller Temple.
  • + Skull Amulet of Corruption: Converted from Skull Amulet of Vaermina at a forge after taking the Skull of Corruption.
  • + Mask Amulet of Clavicus Vile: Converted from The Masque of Clavicus Vile at a forge.
  • + Rueful Axe Amulet: Near Rueful Axe in Rimerock Burrow after the quest (killing Barbas).
  • + Hircine Ring Amulet: Converted from the ring at a forge.
  • + Savior's Hide Amulet: Converted from the armor at a forge.
  • + Mehrune's Razor Amulet: At the left of the chest in the Shrine of Meherunes Dagon.
  • + Mace Amulet of Molag Bal: Take from Logrolf's body.
  • + Namira Ring Amulet: Converted from the ring at a forge.
  • + Skeleton Key Amulet: On the symbol in the most inner room in Nightingale Hall after the quest “Darkness Returns”.
  • + Spellbreaker Amulet: At the Shrine to Peryte after Killing Orchendor.
  • + Volendrung Amulet: Added to your inventory after the quest.

Other Amulets

  • + 9 Ancient Nord amulets: There are 9 motif amulets: dragon, wolf, eagle, owl, fox, bear, moth, whale and snake. You can find all motifs in Break Falls Barrow, in a strongbox at a broken tower in Labyrinthian, in a broken tower at Skuldafn exterior. Two motifs amulets are in the Falkreath Jarl's house.
  • + Torc of Labyrinthian: At the foot of the etched tablet in the next small room to the skeletal dragon's hall.
  • + Dwarven Amulet: At Dwemer Museum in Markarth. It can be crafted at a forge (the perk “Dwarven Smithing” is required).
  • + Falmer Amulet: At Dwemer Museum in Markarth. Falmers don't have them.
  • + Forsworn Torc: On the table near the boss's chest in Red Eagle Ascent. In Druadach Redoubt. Forsworns have it but not always(only with a outfit patch file).
  • + Briarheart Amulet: On the table near the boss's chest in Red Eagle Ascent in Druadach Redoubt.
  • + Melka's Necklace: Near the skill book “Mystery of Talara, Part 4” in Blind Cliff Cave's boss room.
  • + Amulet of Vaermina: In Nightcaller Temple. Devotees have it but not always.
  • + Amulet of Boethiah: On the table near the boss chest in the Boethiah's Champion hideout at Knifepoint Ridge.
  • + Amulet of Mythic Dawn: In Silus Vesuius's house (Dawnstar).
  • + Potema's amulet: Near the boss chest beyond the wooden bridge in Wolfskull Cave. Near the boss chest in Potema's Sanctum.
  • + Silver Hand Amulet: In Gallows Rock. In Driftshade Refuge. Silver Hand members sometimes have this amulet.
  • + Amulet of Werewolf: In the Underforge (Whiteurn).
  • + Amulet of 7000 steps: The foot of the first emblem and the last one at 7,000 steps.
  • + Dragonbone Amulet: At the shrine of Akatosh near Rorikstead. It can be crafted at a forge (the perk “Dragon Armor” is required).
  • + Blade Amulet: In Sky Haven Temple. In a secret room of Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood).
  • + Flute, Drum, Lute amulets: Can buy them at Radiant Raiment in Solitude.
  • + Stone silver amulets, Stone gold amulets: Can buy at Radiant Raiment in Solitude.


  • + Dawngurad amulet is placed in Fort Dawnguard (Player's bedroom and member's bedroom), Vampire's amulet is in Volkihar Keep (Harkon's room and Valerica's bedroom)
  • + Amulet of Auriel is at the foot of each Auriel's shrine in Darkfall Cave and in Inner Sanctum. Amulet of Auriel is harmful to vampires.
  • + Harkon and Vyrthur have their own amulet. If you have defeated them before installing this mod, search Harkon's ash pile and Vyrthur's throne.


DLC Based Rewards and Finds

  • + Some amulets are placed at each location in Solstheim.
  • + Some NPC have their own amulet: Lleril Morvayn (House Redoran amulet), Adril
  • + Arano (House Redoran amulet), Captain Veleth (Redoran captain amulet),
  • + Neloth (House Telvanni amulet), Elder Othreloth (Tribunal amulet), Galdrus
  • + Hlevu(Tribunal amulet) and other minor NPCs.

Miraak's amulet: Defeat Miraak.

4 amulets for the Black Books:

Each amulet is in the same room with the Black Book. Near the chest in Kolbjorn Barrow, In the empty brazier at the right of the word wall in White Ridge Barrow. On the small book desk in Benkongerike Great Hall. On the enchant table in Raven Rock Mine.
  • + The Black Book amulet: Complete all quests of the Black Books. The amulets will be silently added in your inventory.

Other Dragonborn DLC Amulets
  • + House Redoran honor medal: Complete the quest “Served Cold”.
  • + Cultist's amulet: Cultists have it but not always (only with a outfit patch file). You can find one in Temple of Miraak.
  • + Redoran guard amulet: Redoran guards have (only with a outfit patch file). You can also find one in the Bulwark.
  • + Morag Tong amulet: Mrag Tongs have (only with an outfit patch file). You can also find the amulets in Ashfallow Citadel.
  • + Amulets of House Hlaalu: In the strong box in Ulen Ancestral Tomb. The Key is needed (Defeat the boss in Ashfallow Citadel).

Amulets of faith for Dunmer:

You can also find all 6 amulets in the Temple(near each shrine, the center ash pile, Othreloth's room, Hlervu's room). Fethis Alor(Raven Rock),

Sadri's Used Wares (Windhelm) and Brand-Shei (Riften) sells 4 variety amulets at random. The number of amulets isn't showed properly (showed twice the number), but it is not so troublesome.

Enchant and Disenchant Info

You can burn off pre-enchantments of some amulets at Skyforge from 6:00 AM to 20:00 PM and can take back pre-enchantments at Skyforge from 0:00 AM to 3:00 AM.

After removing pre-enchantments, it is possible to enchant burned amulets at an arcane enchanter.

List of amulets from which you can burn off pre-enchantments

  • + Daedric Artifact amulets (except for Hircine Ring Amulet and Namira Ring Amulet)
  • + Nightingale amulet
  • + Amulet of Boethiah
  • + Harkon's Molag Bal amulet
  • + Vyrthur's black Auriel amulet
  • + Miraak's tentacle amulet (the tentacle amulet will die in the fire of Skyforge, but will be resurrected by the same fire at midnight.)